Week 3, January 2018 Current Affair

This states HC Makes Aadhaar Mandatory for Bail.

A. Chhattisgarh

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. Gujarat

D. Karnataka

India and Israel have signed __________ agreements to boost cooperation in the areas of space, cyber security and oil and gas between both countries.

A. 5

B. 9

C. 12

D. 7

This country ranks Top in the Borrower from China-Sponsored AIIB in 2017.


B. India

C. Japan

D. France

Who has been appointed the Chairman of the newly formed Finance Commission by Indian Olympic Association (IOA)?

A. Anil Khanna

B. BS Landge

C. GS Mander

D. Tarlochan Singh

With which bank Capital First agree to merge in Share Swap Deal?

A. Axis

B. Canara



The 13th joint military drill exercise "Iron Fist 2018" has started between United States and __________.

A. South Korea

B. Japan

C. Germany

D. France

Which of the following ministry launches Saksham 2018 Campaign?

A. Ministry of Human Resource Development

B. Ministry of AYUSH

C. Ministry of Petroleum

D. Ministry of Environment and Forests

Which city is hosting the International Workshop on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (IWDRI)?

A. Mumbai

B. Chennai

C. Kochi

D. New Delhi

Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of Kerala Maritime Board (KMB)?

A. V J Mathew

B. M.A. Asif

C. M.P. Shibu

D. Prakash Iyer

Which country's first agri-Options unveiled for doubling farmers income?

A. Denmark

B. Pakistan

C. Saudi Arabia

D. India

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