Week 3, April 2018 Current Affairs

Which bank launches GST Backed Over Draft Facility for MSMEs?

A. Bank of Baroda

B. Dena Bank

C. Yes Bank

D. Indian Bank

The 29th Arab League Summit 2018 will be hosted by;

A. Egypt

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Yeman

D. Morocco

Sakshi Malik won ___________ medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games?

A. Bronze

B. Gold

C. Silver

D. None of the above

This Indian city is the highest paying city for talent as per the Randstad study.

A. Mumbai

B. Bengaluru

C. New Delhi

D. Pune

As per the recent survey, this state has the highest rate of crimes against SC/ST population.

A. Madhya Pradesh

B. Bihar

C. West Bengal

D. Rajasthan

Which of the following plans to promote micro-enterprises in 115 aspirational districts across the country?




D. Exim Bank

The Ministry of Electronics and IT has tied up with ________ to work on a switch-based device in cars and buses to aid safety of women.

A. IIT Kanpur

B. IIT Bengaluru

C. IIT Bombay

D. IIT Delhi

Who of the following inaugurated the first health centre under Ayushman Bharat Scheme in Bijapur, recently?

A. Shri Rajnath Singh

B. Shri Raman Singh

C. Shri Narendra Modi

D. Shri Ram Nath Kovind

GNFC started its socio-economic Neem Project in ___________.

A. Rajasthan

B. Maharashtra

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Manipur

The theme of World Haemophilia Day 2018 is ___________.

A. Improve Your Life

B. Together, We Care

C. Hear Their Voices

D. Sharing Knowledge Makes Us Stronger

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