Week 3, June 2018 Current Affairs

Emaar India has appointed ___________ as CEO.

A. Arman Chaudhary

B. Prashant Gupta

C. Sanjay Malhotra

D. Umang Sharma

Name of the skill development organisation which plans to set 24 labs in Mumbai and Vizag is;


B. Nova SBE

C. Bocconi University

D. Stockholm School of Economics

This state government launches scheme to offer micro loans at low interest rates in the cooperative sector.

A. Kerala

B. Telangana

C. Karnataka

D. Andra Pradesh

Which country has signed an agreement to supply technical security equipment to India?

A. Italy

B. Russia

C. Singapore

D. Malaysia

This state government will launche the wind-solar hybrid power policy - 2018.

A. Maharashtra

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. Punjab

D. Gujarat

This states has banned water sports in the state recently.

A. Kerala

B. Uttarakhand

C. Meghalaya

D. Himachala Pradesh

The theme of the 2018 International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict is;

A. End Violence Against Women and Girls

B. Leave No One Behind - End Violence against Women

C. The Plight and Rights of Children Born of War

D. Prevent Sexual Violence Crimes through Justice

Which city has set a Guinness World Record for largest number of people performing yoga at one place at the same time on 2018 International Yoga Day (IYD)?

A. Mumbai

B. New Delhi

C. Bangalore

D. Kota

Who will inaugurate the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Mumbai?

A. Shri Venkaiya Naidu

B. Shri Ram Nath Kovind

C. Shri Narendra Modi

D. Shri Arun Jaitley

Who wins "Sportsperson Of The Year award for 2017" by the Sports Illustrated India magazine?

A. Yuki Bhambri

B. Manav Vikas Thakkar

C. Kidambi Srikanth

D. Virat Kohli

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